Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catching up on photos

I had a backlog of photos that I have wanted to post. So, I have four new albums for everyone to check out. They are listed in order of most recent to oldest.

Anna, Natalie, and I went to the Graveyard Fields along the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend. We didn't do the long hike, so I don't know why they are called the graveyard fields, but we did get to pick a bunch of wild blueberries growing along the trail and river. Anna stuck her paws in the river, but the water was really cold, so she didn't get too wet.

When Natalie's parents visited us we took them to Merrimack Falls and Grandfather Mountain.

A few more pics from our Costa Rica trip last May.

Natalie and I went on a road trip after graduation and part of it brought us to St. Louis and Memphis.

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