Friday, June 20, 2008

Termales de Bosque & Arenal Volcano

Termales de Bosque & Arenal Volcano Album
When we left the waterfalls, we had a couple hours of driving to get to our next destination. We stopped along the way for pictures, lunch, and coffee. The resort, Termales de Bosque, turned out to be one of the biggest highlights of the trip. The accommodations were very comfortable, the food excellent, and the hot springs were awesome. We liked it enough that we stayed an extra day to enjoy it some more. We had nine pools to choose from and they all cascaded into one another with varying temperatures. Relaxing in the pools, while drinks from the bar were delivered to you was pretty awesome.

Now that we were rested, we got an early start to a long day at the Arenal Volcano. This is advertised as the second most active volcano in the world, but my brief research puts it in the top five or ten most active. Either way, it was awesome to hear the rumbling and watch rocks roll down the side of the volcano. We took a hike around the 1982 lava flows, which was filled with lizards, frogs, a snake, and some cool plants.

The rest of the day was rough...swimming back at the lodge, while sipping on pina coladas (made with fresh pineapple) which offered an amazing view of the volcano and surrounding countryside. The evening was finished off with dinner filled with a view of the volcano spewing out red hot lava. Very cool stuff.

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