Thursday, June 26, 2008

Post Grad School

Family, friends, & a tractor pull
After Costa Rica, Natalie and I returned to Columbia to move our things to Asheville. We used a U-haul to get the job done in one long day. The rest of the week I helped a friend and classmate move to his new place a couple of hours from town. By the end of the week I took the last load of stuff in my car to Asheville and drove to Rolla, MO to see some friends.

Barry, Tara, Katrina, and I got to catch up over the weekend. I met some of their friends in the area and just had a fun and relaxing time. Then it was off to Memphis for several days. Getting to spend time with my nephew has become a real highlight for me. He has so much energy it makes me jealous.

Next on the agenda was heading down to Athens, AL to see my dad and Carol. I showed up in time to shave ice for a tractor pull. Even Natalie came down from Kentucky to join in the fun. After resting up from the long weekend, the rest of the week was nice and relaxing, as it always is when I am there. However, it is hard to keep me anywhere for more than a few days and soon it was time for me to head out again. Find out where I went in my next posting!


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