Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Once again spring break has come around, which I love and believe should become a national holiday. Well...some how I don't see this happening, but it is a nice thought. If you think of spring break as an excuse to party on the beach and binge drink for a week, I will say those days have passed for me (and no, I don't miss them). Instead I will be heading out to the Pacific north-west to have a bit of fun with friends and family, but also to look for jobs. In fact, tomorrow I am off to Portland. I will be spending the weekend hanging with a long time Memphis friend who lives in Eugene. Then, next week I will spend my time visiting businesses in Seattle and Portland, so that they will want to hire me when I move there in a couple of months. Wish me luck!

Bowling update...
Last night Team Da Jesus, current USC bowling champions, dealt a huge blow to its competitors by taking all of the available points for the evening. With only two more weeks of league play, I can already smell the championship t-shirts that we will be given out. How is that? It is pretty easy, since I have one from last has a faint smell of Bounce dryer sheets.

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