Saturday, March 29, 2008

YouTube Awards

YouTube announced this week that it was adopting Google analytics for its videos. This is a very logical step since Google bought YouTube last year and the information a user can gather about his or her videos is pretty extensive. I checked some of my videos and users from 61 different countries had watched one of them. That is pretty cool, although I question their taste in videos. LOL

Also, the YouTube video awards were announced a week or two ago. This is certainly a far cry from the Emmys or Oscars, but it is certainly good to see people recognized for their efforts. For those of you who do not visit the site regularly, you might be surprised to find a great deal of professionally produced videos. Also, you may be surprised to know that YouTube accounts for 10% of all Internet traffic and billions of videos are watched every month.

Another medium that often is overlooked are podcasts. With iTunes you can download audio and video podcasts for free. iTunes makes it very easy to subscribe to tens of thousands of different podcasts and keep them organized.

So, how do you sift through all the garbage and find the good stuff? It's relatively easy, because others do it for you. Just browse the most popular videos or podcasts and you will find that the most watched are often the best. Also, the iTunes store does a great job of promoting popular podcasts broken down by genre.

This is a list of a few YouTube subscriptions I would recommend (The first two can be found in iTunes as well):
1. The Guild
2. Sexy Beijing
3. What the Buck Show

This is a list of my top ten favorite podcasts (in no particular order):
1. Ahead of the Curve
2. Bands Under the Radar
3. The EnvironMinute
4. Happy Tree Friends
5. The Lazy Environmentalist
6. Finding Japan
7. Tiki Bar TV
8. Endless Boundaries Jam Radio
9. Cybershake
10. Medical Minute

So, get watching!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Energy Crisis Solved!

If you haven't heard or seen the new air cars, you will soon. Currently, Zero Pollution Motors is taking orders for delivery next year.

The air car will be able to achieve over 100mpg and achieve speeds of 95 mph. If the car is kept under 35 mph, it will run without gas. Anything over that, it uses a small amount of gas to heat the air, that will propel the car faster. Having a gas tank on board also prevents the driver from getting stranded if the air tanks run empty. The car takes about an hour to fill up the tanks when you plug it into a socket at home. This equals about $2 worth of electricity. This limitation will make this car a commuter car and not a car that you would take on a road trip.

The car will seat six people, need an oil change every 31,000 miles, and contain seats that swivel so that you can face the passengers in the back. The cost for this mid-sized vehicle is $17,800.

Some numbers...
If an average commute is 25 miles each way, then you would have to fill your tank about every other day. This would cost the consumer $30 per month or $360 per year, with an oil change every couple of years! At $3 per gallon of gas and a car which gets 20mpg, it would cost over $2100 in gas each year for the same distance. The air car should more than pay for itself, just in fuel charges, in about 9-10 years. Lastly, don't forget about all the cleaner air we will all be able to breathe!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Once again spring break has come around, which I love and believe should become a national holiday. Well...some how I don't see this happening, but it is a nice thought. If you think of spring break as an excuse to party on the beach and binge drink for a week, I will say those days have passed for me (and no, I don't miss them). Instead I will be heading out to the Pacific north-west to have a bit of fun with friends and family, but also to look for jobs. In fact, tomorrow I am off to Portland. I will be spending the weekend hanging with a long time Memphis friend who lives in Eugene. Then, next week I will spend my time visiting businesses in Seattle and Portland, so that they will want to hire me when I move there in a couple of months. Wish me luck!

Bowling update...
Last night Team Da Jesus, current USC bowling champions, dealt a huge blow to its competitors by taking all of the available points for the evening. With only two more weeks of league play, I can already smell the championship t-shirts that we will be given out. How is that? It is pretty easy, since I have one from last has a faint smell of Bounce dryer sheets.