Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

In the midst of Super Tuesday, I am going about my usual routine. I have already done my part by voting in South Carolina's primary, therefore, I will check out the results tonight or in the morning. However, if you are a political junky, you have the opportunity to sit plop down in front of the TV or computer for the entire day and watch as the candidates are scrutinized and the votes roll in from the 24 states participating.

One thing I have been enjoying this semester is the opportunity to workout on a regular basis. As we all know, life can easily get in the way or become an excuse for not working out. (This happened to me last semester.) I always have more energy and get more things done when I am regularly hitting the gym. I am sure I could plot a graph showing my productivity vs. the amount of hours I work out. The R-squared value is very high!

My parents are traveling to Florida this week and mentioned to me that they will miss working out while they are gone. If life seems to get in the way, traveling complicates things further. When I travel, I try to do a few things to avoid getting out of shape while I am gone.

First, if it is just a weekend trip, I will make sure to exercise extra hard on Friday and letting my body recover over the weekend, while I am traveling. If I am traveling for more than a few days and I have my car with me, I will bring my bike along and make sure to schedule in some time to hit the streets for a few hours. I like doing this a lot. It allows me to get a better feel for the place I am visiting and I just like biking in places I never have before. If you can't bring your bike, bring your running shoes. Everywhere you go, you can find a road to run or walk on. If it is raining or cold and you are in a hotel, you can usually find a treadmill to hop on. If you prefer taking classes or lifting weights, I suggest looking up a few gyms before you leave town and call them for their class schedules and daily visitor fees. Most gyms will charge between $5-$10 per visit. Try to pick a gym close to where you are staying or pick a hotel close to the gym. This will prevent excuses for being to far away or even allow you to walk over to the gym, instead of driving. That is good for you and the environment!

Do you do something different when you travel? I would love to know.

More on the job front...
I have set up an interview later this week with a consulting company, Keane Inc., based out of California, but with offices all over the US and World. I don't know much more about them than what is displayed on their website, but I will be meeting a couple of consultants, before my interview, that are visiting the school tomorrow. Should be fun!


  1. This is what I do when I travel? I learn a bit about life locally? About politicians, families, farms, local food! Sometimes I find an ideal place where I can go sit and meditate.. just be there! feel the nature..

    Good luck with your interview I am sure you are going to rock at your work and your career..

    Always the best for you DAve!

  2. I really like that one! Thanks.