Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday School, Bowling, and More

I must say that having class on Saturday's is not that much fun. These classes are for Professional MBA (PMBA) classes, which means about 40% of the students are distance learning students and many must drive one to two hours to school. On Tuesday nights, during our regular class time, the lecture is taped and posted on the web. On Saturday's, the class is not taped and starts at 8:30am. This means that if you are in Greenville, SC, you must leave your home at 6:50am to make it to the school. If you are coming from Charleston, SC, the drive is an additional thirty minutes away. I would find this very frustrating, if I had to drive this far so early in the morning. Why does the school ask the students to come to class? The information provided in these classes could easily be broadcasted on the web just like the Tuesday night classes. Today I heard one of the teachers say she was going to move the start time to 9am or 10am next semester, since her students always have complained of having to get up so early. These Saturday classes are a classic case of not listening to the voice of the customer.

I just wanted to rant on that for a minute.

Team "Da Jesus" was pitted against the other IMBA team, "Logjammin" in the bowling league's first week. We wanted our friends to do well during the season, but after playing against us they have a long way to go to reach second place overall. Before bowling, I attended a wine society meeting where I got to taste and learn about scotch. It was a lot of fun, but it isn't the best activity to do before three games of bowling. Luckily, my team is very good and my score of 106 in the first game didn't hurt us too much. By the last game I had sobered up and my score improved to a 202, which is awesome for me on any night of the year. So in one night I probably had my lowest score of the year and possibly my highest (hopefully not).

The rest of the week has been great. I filled it with dinners with friends, my first baby shower (not for my baby), some running, and lots of school work. I only have about 7 weeks left till I am done with my classes and graduation is less than 10 weeks away. It is very exciting! Maybe I will even have a job after school finishes. haha

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