Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Changes have come

Change is inevitable. I am sure some famous person said this at some point in time.

If you haven't noticed the last couple of times you have visited my site, I have put in a picture at the top. It is from my trip to Ireland's Giant Causeway in the north. Also, I have changed the location of my blog to www.daviddreyfus.com. This will help people find it on Google, when searching for my name, as well as those who don't like to type out the long blogspot address. If your bookmarks or RSS feeder is set up with the old address, it will continue to work the same way it has always been working.

I have also added in a slide show of my Picasa pictures and a side-bar with links to my most recent You-Tube videos. Fun stuff!

Now it is back to simulations, annual reports, inventory management, and international patent laws.

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