Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moore School Rankings and Software

Some new rankings for the Moore School of Business have been released. The London School of Business has moved us up in the overall rankings and some of the sub-rankings. Check it out and see for yourself here. The Moore School's specific rankings are here. The highlights would be that we are up 17 spots overall to number 55 and that we remain number 1 in international experience. I have certainly enjoyed my time at the school and have always felt like I am being a top-notch education and MBA experience. I full list of rankings can be seen here.

While these rankings are something to be proud of, my thoughts have been with the company I am working with this semester. I am in search of affordable MRP/ERP software. This is software that will help the company better manage its inventory, among other things. I have some articles with rankings of software I picked up from a professor at school yesterday. Also, I have made a few phone calls to companies that I found on the Internet asking for quotes. If you know of any I should consider, please pass along the information.

On the job front, I am still talking with a consulting company that I am very excited about. They are not moving as fast I would like, but I am not sure any company would. lol So, I will keep my patience and we will see how that turns out in the next couple of months.

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