Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moore School Rankings and Software

Some new rankings for the Moore School of Business have been released. The London School of Business has moved us up in the overall rankings and some of the sub-rankings. Check it out and see for yourself here. The Moore School's specific rankings are here. The highlights would be that we are up 17 spots overall to number 55 and that we remain number 1 in international experience. I have certainly enjoyed my time at the school and have always felt like I am being a top-notch education and MBA experience. I full list of rankings can be seen here.

While these rankings are something to be proud of, my thoughts have been with the company I am working with this semester. I am in search of affordable MRP/ERP software. This is software that will help the company better manage its inventory, among other things. I have some articles with rankings of software I picked up from a professor at school yesterday. Also, I have made a few phone calls to companies that I found on the Internet asking for quotes. If you know of any I should consider, please pass along the information.

On the job front, I am still talking with a consulting company that I am very excited about. They are not moving as fast I would like, but I am not sure any company would. lol So, I will keep my patience and we will see how that turns out in the next couple of months.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Disney World Pics and Video

The last couple of days was spent at my consulting gig in Greenville. I am having a good bit of fun up there and learning a lot. I am feeling better and better about making a difference for this company. I have a ways to go, so only time will tell.

I have uploaded some photos and a video covering my visit to Disney World. Check them out!

Disney World 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

South Carolina Primary 2008

Yesterday was my first time voting in a primary election. I usually wait for the main event, but with the news and all the talking about this year's presidential race, it got me off my duff and to the polls. On my way out of the building I got asked a few questions by a reporter for the Washington Post. A few hours later I found my name on their website. Check out the article's last paragraph for my blurb.

All my classes are going great so far. I landed a job with a company in Greenville, SC for the semester and possibly for a few months after graduation. It is one of things that I want to be doing once I graduate, so it is perfect. Also, I will get paid, which never hurts. My first day was this past Friday and I spent most of it getting to know the workers that I will be primarily working with. While I would like to just jump in and get started, I know it is more important to establish a relationship. This will help me in the long run, by having every one's support to get the job done.

In other fun events, I ran off to Disney World last weekend! I had an awesome time with my buddy Seth, his wife Amy, and a former IMBAer and good friend, Robin. I have some pictures to upload, but in the mean time you can check out Seth's photos.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The schedule is filling up

Today is the first official day of classes for the Spring 2008 semester. The professional MBA (PMBA) courses started last week, which I am taking one of these. I will be learning about supply chains and performing two projects for different companies for my classes this semester.

My supply chain class will be using case studies and an online simulation game to demonstrate the topic. My other two classes, the projects that I will be involved with have not been determined yet.

Between these three classes and a job search, I am suspecting that I will have a little bit of free time. Therefore, I have signed myself up for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in Washington, D.C. this April. It is an awesome race that passes by all the cherry blossom trees, which will be in full bloom the first weekend of the month. I wanted to do this race when I was living in D.C., but the race filled up with participants in less than twenty-four hours. This year, I was ready!

Also, I am interviewing tomorrow with a used textile equipment seller in Greenville, SC for a part-time job this semester. I know it will involve solving some inventory issues the company is currently having, but I won't know all the details till I get there.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wow! What a ride!!

I am back in Columbia now. My first class, global supply chains, started last Tuesday. The remainder of my classes start tomorrow. This is my last semester in grad school. I will be taking less classes than last semester, but will be concentrating much more on my job search.

I have less than four months till I graduate. I am getting excited about finishing, going to work, and finding out where I will be living after May. The past year and a half has been amazing, to say the least. I have learned more than I imagined, traveled around the World for six months, made great new friends, and continued to get a few bike rides and runs in.

Last semester I interviewed with several companies. Some I wanted more than others, but primarily they were big companies located in the US. I am still interviewing with a consulting company, RLG International. I have talked with many people from the company, but like most small to medium sized companies, they will not hire people until they need them. Therefore, I must wait a little longer to find out if I will receive an offer.

As for other prospects, I am looking at going back abroad or finding a company in the Pacific Northwest part of the US. It will be a position that uses my operations management skills to improve processes and increase efficiency across a firm. Over the next few months, I will write a bit more about my progress for this job search.

The pictures in this album are a random mix from the past four months, with many of them from the past few weeks during my winter break. Enjoy!

Fall 2007 Re-cap