Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Do you have Pneumonia?

This semester is packed! I have started to get a little bit of a routine going and so far I have slept a wink any of my classes, which means they must all be really interesting (I am notorious for the head-bobbing during a lecture as many of you may know).

In one of my classes I have been assigned a project with one of the local hospitals. My team and I will improve their process for receiving and checking in pneumonia patients. Our work will improve the hospitals profitability and make sure that people with pneumonia are treated more quickly and with greater accuracy. I imagine their will be other benefits to the hospital beyond this. Thursday we will get to do our first walk through and start mapping out the process.

This past weekend my mom came to visit. I kept her under lock-and-key until my house was cleaned and unpacked! Actually, we had a great time cooking, cleaning, and running errands to help me finish getting settled in. Now I can relax and concentrate on my school work, instead of worrying about Melvin, the roach, and other things living under my sink:)

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  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Glad you are getting it all together. The fact that you have named a roach does strike fear in my heart!
    Interesting project about pneumonia. From my 22 years of hospital experience..most cases present through the ER. Unless they are from an ECF or post surgery. Have fun with your classes...Love, Helen and Roger