Monday, August 06, 2007

My Last Weekend in Wuxi

I have been given the task of performing several restaurant reviews before I leave China. What a welcomed task, since I love to eat. Check out the pictures for a look at some of the foods I have eaten. Yum yum!

Last Weekend in Wuxi

Friday, I went out with some guys in Wuxi. The dinner was pretty good and we ended up at one of the local expat bars drinking and listening to the band.

Saturday I slept late and spent my time doing chores, until it was time to go out for dinner. I was taken to an awesome Korean BBQ place. We got to cook our own food on a pit in the center of the table. It was a lot of fun and was followed up by a visit to the local arcade. The place was filled with smoke, had slot machines for gambling, and most of the games that you would find at a Dave and Buster's but with not as much variety and perhaps a couple of years older. It was fun to drive the cars and after shooting a bunch of some zombies I called it a night.

Sunday I got up early and headed to the tailor. I ordered some shirts and then met some visitors and took them to one of the shopping areas in Wuxi. We walked around the Temple Market for a couple of hours till the monsoon came. Then we bought umbrellas and still got soaked on our way to hail a taxi back to their hotel. The streets flooded quickly and it was fun to watch the scooters and bikers move along with the water near the top of their wheels.

After the rain I went to play badminton. This is a very popular sport here and I had yet to try it with a local. My friend was about as good as I was. The people next to us were clearly great players. I just loved that the badminton ball (the shuttlecock) was made with real feathers and not the plastic cages that you see in the American version I have played with. Dinner followed at a German pub. They had dark beer which is a rarity in China.

This week I am finishing off my projects and trying to figure out how to get everything back home.

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  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Maybe you could host the first badmitton tourny here in columbia! I can picture it, boos, and badmitton!! Have a safe trip.........Irv