Thursday, August 02, 2007

10 days to go

I have begun my count down till my departure. However, I still have lots to do before I leave. This weekend I will spend my time sightseeing around Wuxi one last time, doing some last minute shopping, and hanging out with some friends in the evening. The past week has been filled with lunches and dinners with my Wuxi friends. I had not realized how many people I have met over the last few months.

I have made a few arrangements for most of my possessions that I am leaving behind. I will get a free dinner for my microwave, which is pretty sweet. I found someone who wants my bike and I think I will give my dishes and DVD player to one of the family's I have met while I am here. That is about it. Everything else came with the apartment or I just did without this summer.

At lunch today, I was thinking of the foods that I would like to eat one last time before I leave and I was surprised to find that there were not that many. I love the food here, but it is all available in the US, except that it is more expensive and sometimes is cooked differently than here. The only items I came up with were the dumplings (jiaozis), shalampas, and the baozis. I don't know the English equivalent for the last two, because I have never seen them before coming here.

I am not sure what I miss about the US in terms of food. Only some southern BBQ comes to mind at the moment. Dad...some ribs please;)

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