Thursday, July 05, 2007

The show is just about over

APPPExpo and More

The picture album above includes the APPPExpo I have been attending and some Karaoke pics I was able to score from Greg. Greg is a family friend of Adam's (my boss) and has been visiting China for the last three weeks. He just graduated high school and is heading to Duke in August. Go Greg!

As for July 4th in Shanghai, it was non-existent. I did nothing special except tell the people I work with happy fourth of July. No fireworks, no "Old Man River" on the bluff of the Mississippi River in Memphis, and no parties. A magazine Greg was reading that afternoon stated that one of the top twenty things to do in life is to celebrate the 4th of July outside of the US. I wasn't sure why. It is like spending any other holiday away from your family and friends.

Actually, I really can't say that is true. While the fourth of July was not mentioned, I did have dinner with my boss, his wife, Greg, and some other people attending the conference on the Bund at one of the nicer restaurants in Shanghai. The view was great, the wine wasn't made in China, and the meal was delicious. If you don't know...the Bund is the bend in the river located in downtown Shanghai. You can see pictures of the Bund here.

Well, as much as I love being pampered in a hotel, I am looking forward to a night at home in my rock-hard bed in Wuxi.

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