Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nanjing, China

After spending a night in my own bed last Friday, I was awakened by a friend's text message. I had a train to catch to Nanjing and I was late! Within five minutes I was packed and out the door heading towards a cab. Nanjing was China's capital city for six dynasty's and has lots of historical sites.

After slicing through the streets of Wuxi, between the people walking and riding their scooters to work, I arrived at the train station. I usually have to sit down and wait for the train to leave. This time I was able to walk through the station and out on to the platform without waiting. I thought that perhaps I should be late more often. Within a few minutes of boarding the train, I was on my way to Nanjing.

Four of us spent Saturday and Sunday seeing the sights. We toured Purple Mountain, where Sun Yat-sen's tomb is located. He ruled over China before Mao took over and is considered the father of modern China. Also, we checked out the Linggu Temple area which had a big pagoda and beautiful gardens.

Saturday night we went to Nanjing's newest bar area, called 1912. We ate dinner and danced at a night club. The next day we stayed at the hotel till check-out and then headed out to have lunch and see Confucius's Temple. We walked around the area after eating till we had to return to the train station. One block of shops was filled with animals and could have been a huge propaganda feast for animal cruelty. PETA should visit Nanjing and take pictures for its website and brochures. I have never seen so many animals kept in such deplorable conditions. The street food vendor at the end of the block did not look busy. Perhaps it was because he was selling the animals that weren't selling? Probably not, but you never know for sure when you are in China. Sorry if I made you lose your appetite.

The weekend was supposed to be filled with thunderstorms and lots of rain. Well, the weather did not disappoint us. Luckily, it seemed that whenever we decided to go somewhere the rain would stop, then after leaving a place the rain would start again. It was incredible that the only weather we had to put up with was rolling up our pants to avoid getting them wet in the puddles that had formed. Of course, some big puddles formed as the pics show. I guess Nanjing's drainage system has not kept pace with the rest of its growth.

So the weekend was a lot of fun. I was a bad picture taker and left it up to everyone else. You can check out my previous post on Nanjing from my first week in China that has pitures to see more of Purple Mountain. Thanks Wiki for the pic at the top of the posting.

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