Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dancing and Wireless Charging

A friend sent me some videos of her brother dancing. When he is spinning at the clubs he goes by the name of Crisis. Since putting up a shot of me dancing would certainly bring some good laughs, I will treat you with a video of someone who actually knows what they are doing. Look for my friend to jump in around the 2:30 min. mark. He is in the striped shirt.

Also, for those of us who hate to keep up with all the different chargers while we travel or who hate the unsightly wires all over the counter or behind the TV, I have good news. In the not so distant future, we will be charging and powering our devices without wires. This technology has endless opportunities. It would be great to be able to have an electric hybrid that charged without wires. Perhaps it would just charge as we are driving through town. Of course, how will the electric company bill people for their usage or how do we keep people from stealing our electricity? I will let another entrepreneur figure that one out. Check out the company here. If you want to see it actually working ABC's video does a good job. The YouTube videos were not as clear, but shorter.

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