Wednesday, July 04, 2007

APPPExpo in Shanghai

I have been attending the APPPEXPO 2007 this week. My first day spent there I was reminded of high school/college career fairs, except the booths are often much bigger. However, my second day I spent the day trying to remember different jobs I have had in the past. First, all the marketing jobs I have had have made me an informed consumer, so I often look at the beauty of the marketing rather than the message they want the average consumer to see. Then I was walking past huge printers that reminded me of my days at Signal Graphics Printing in Boulder. Then later I was reminded of working at my uncle's photo finishing business in Memphis when I was fourteen, because of the enormous photo developing machines.

I have two more days of expo-ing and I will make sure to take a few pictures of the cooler looking booths. If you like advertising, printing, photos, colored lights, big displays, and anything else that has to do with creating these things, then you would enjoy this expo.

This weekend I will be heading to Nanjing for sightseeing. Aside from the expected rain, I am predicting some wonderful sights, food, and fun.

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