Monday, July 09, 2007

300!, not the movie

Today I have reached 300 posts on my blog. WOW! What does this mean? I have come to only one conclusion. Which is, that I have spent way to much time on my computer. However, don't worry faithful readers, I will not be giving up the blog. Nor will I commit myself more to it. I am happy with the way it is for the moment and I hope you are too.

So, I had a co-worker today show me pictures of her new home. It was beautiful. I also got to see a picture of her cute little girl who just finished kindergarten.
This gives me a chance to highlight the differences in China when it comes to purchasing a home.

In China, you typically purchase a new build, sense everything is being built and not much has been in existence very long. When you buy a home it is a clean slate. The owner must pick out the flooring, where the walls will go, what colors they will be, what fixtures for doors, faucets, lights, cabinets, and everything else that goes with purchasing a home. In the US, if you buy a new-build, then you typically get the option of picking out many of the items that will be placed in the home. A new-build in the US offers many customizations, but typically the floor plan remains the same. Also, your customizations are limited to a few boxed choices, unless you want to pay a lot of extra money to go against the pre-chosen customization options. Yes, their is something wrong about having pre-set customizations. It sounds like an oxymoron, but it saves money.

I think that in China you are given to many options, sense most Chinese get approximately the same thing. The culture predicts this, since most Chinese do not want to stand out and do something "really" different.

However, this brings up a different cultural difference. The Chinese want to feel special and if you offered standard customizations, then this need would not be fulfilled. I will save this discussion for another day.

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