Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend Update...not from SNL

Instead of sightseeing this weekend, I traveled to Suzhou. This town is about thirty minutes by train from me. A co-worker invited me there to wash my clothes and take a shower. So, that is how I spent my Saturday. His brother-in-law took us to lunch and ordered entirely too much food. Feeling obligated to continue eating after I was full, by the repeated phrase, "keep eating, keep eating," I was fairly sick afterwards. I made it back to the apartment to finish the laundry and immediately had to lay down. My stomach hurt and I didn't want to waste the food by "praying to the porcelain g-d."

After returning to Wuxi, I went to a BBQ at a friends place. They had a fun crowd and incredibly diverse. This is not too uncommon in China, but it always cool to see people from the US, Canada, China, Netherlands, UK, Germany, and several other countries I can't remember all hanging out together. The hamburgers with cheese looked awesome and I was sorry I was unable to eat one because of my belly ache. (If you don't know, cheese is a rarity in China and "real" hamburger meat is even rarer.)

Sunday I spent the day riding my bike and playing softball. I was pretty tired by the end of it all, so I ate some dinner and retired early.

While I am now taking showers at home again, the water crisis continues. The water still smells (but not as bad) and I will not brush my teeth, cook, or do the dishes with it, but I can't continue to skip on the showers. Hopefully this will not come back to haunt me. I have read up on the blue algae and it can cause problems when you come in contact with it or ingest it. I am showering based on the fact that everyone else in town is doing it. When we all start itching and breaking out in rashes, I will know it is time to stop using the water.

Below are a couple of videos to show you what the city's water source looks like. The first video is a newscast about the problem and what the officials are doing about it.

This next one is in Chinese, but the pictures are more than enough to get the point across.

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