Friday, June 01, 2007

Need a kidney? Now you can win one!

One of the newest ideas to hit Dutch TV is a reality show containing three people who are on a waiting list for a kidney replacement. The show allows one woman to choose who will get her kidney with the audience influencing the decision. Here is a link to an article on CNN's website.

I say, "Why not?" The show is a bit absurd and cruel, but it already has brought attention to a subject that is largely misunderstood. It is hard to imagine what I would do if I need an organ transplant. However, I would not just sit idly by and wait for something to happen. I would hire people to canvas the streets, offering anything the person may want, to find someone to donate their organ. I would hang out in hospitals, just in case I may get lucky. I would go on reality TV.

If you can't tell, I am fairly clueless about the process for getting an organ transplant, except that it can take a long time and may never happen. I am sure that I am not that much different than the average person. Therefore a show that will educate and inform us of the process is a good thing and should be allowed to be aired. Why censor it when viewers can make the decision to watch it or not. Then I can stop making ridiculous comments like the ones above.

This is a short clip by the American Comedy Network about the show.

Right now, I am in need of a water transplant. If you know where I can find any clean water, send it over to Wuxi.

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