Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am off to do laundry in another city...again

Tomorrow I am having dinner with an advisor from my school. I will get to meet some 3-yr classmates that will join me in class this Fall, some alumni working in China, and other business people from the area. I think I am most excited about getting to eat out and not having to cook or eat ramen noodles. However, I will hold back my excitement and pretend that Georgia, from the career management office, is looking over my shoulder and saying, "It is not about the food."

I have started a Chinese tutor and it seems to be helping. I am getting more phrases and words down. I won't come back speaking Mandarin, but if you want me to order you some rice or noodles, fried or un-fried, with meat, chicken, and/or vegetables thrown in, I am your man. However, my vegetables are limited, so I hope you like broccoli, bamboo, and eggplant.

This weekend I am hoping to stay in Shanghai and get my laundry done and perhaps see a few things in the city. Shaun and I have been sightseeing just about everywhere, but our own towns. Pictures are sure to follow.

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