Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Clean Water...An Elusive Dream?

An article that was brought to my attention this week clearly states that Wuxi's water problems will not go away any time soon. The article was written in 2004, about two and half years before the current disaster. It is neat to be at the center of a huge problem that would be publicized around the World in any Western country. However, news in China tends to stay in China and I think that is what the government likes.

As of now, I am using the water for everything but cooking and brushing my teeth. I am eating out again, but I try to avoid most soups (although last night I had some Miso soup). This is the way it will be all summer according to my co-workers. One thing you won't see me complain upon my return to the States is the water out of the tap.

Last night I said farewell to two people I met here and quickly became friends with. China has reminded me of Colorado (CO), in the sense that the people I meet here tend to be transient. In CO people entered and exited your life almost on a weekly basis. There was always someone leaving to go to a new state, new city, new school, but rarely a new job. As some of my Memphis friends would remind me, "Hippies don't work, you hippy." Well, the people in China work. No one can refute that fact. Even the little kids that are sent out by their moms, whom are usually watching from a few meters away, to come pull at my leg and hold a cup to me is working. Yes, it is sad and the child is being exploited by his family, but I will not encourage this behavior by giving the kid anything. If I was approached in a different manner or if I understood the laws that the government has in place to help the poor, I might think differently. Doesn't a communist government take care of everyone? Does anyone know what type of social programs exist for the poor in China? I do not see very many beggars, at least compared to the US and Europe. However, the beggars and the hawkers here are very persistent and do not know what "personal boundaries" are.

Alright, enough bickering. I am enjoying China so much and will be missing it upon my return to the States.

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    My name is Valerie and I'm going to be a new IMBA student this summer. I found your blog through other current students blogs and I have loved learning more about the overseas process.

    I just wanted to let you know that Wuxi is getting some coverage in the states. There is a free paper in DC called the Express that is put out by The Washington Post and pretty much every metro rider reads at some point and they had a article this past week or so about the pollution issues. I put a link to their website though I didn't see the article in their archive.