Thursday, June 07, 2007

Are you going nuTsie?

A new service I learned about recently might affect which cell phone you purchase. NuTsie allows you to upload your iTunes play lists to its website and stream them to your cell phone for free.

What I like most about the service, besides that it is free, is that it pays the artist a commission every time their song is played. Of course, their are some drawbacks. Your play list will play on shuffle and you can't go backwards or skip ahead to a different part of the song. Also, who knows how long it will take to load your music on to their website. However, if you can't afford the $600 Iphone, then this might be an alternative.

How does this company make money? They don't...yet. The company is talking about ways to charge for this service. Will they flash ads on the screen, charge the user, or some other method. Time will tell. I am sure the artists are happy that all the illegal downloads of their songs will bring in a little revenue.

Can you tell how they came up with their name? You will have to ask me to tell you the answer.

Also, check out for a new way to bring your music along with you. let's upload your iTunes library and listen to whole CDs for free!

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