Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I arrived in Singapore at 3:40am this morning and I am about to leave, since it is 6am now. I got some good work done in Shenzhen this week and was able to meet a guy at the hotel to hang out with an evening. He was from France and is completing an internship in China for his MBA. Sound familiar?

However, after talking with him it was clear that we had received different training before coming to China. He has been in China two weeks longer than me and still knows nothing of the language. He actually stated that he was frustrated because the workers and other people didn't make more of an effort to communicate with him in English. I couldn't believe that! I tried to tell him a few things about the culture and imply that he was going about things in the wrong way, but it was clear he was not listening. Oh well. At least it made me feel good about my training before coming to China and that at least there is one person in the country who knows less than me. I think he might be the first person who fits that bill.

I went sightseeing yesterday before catching my plane. It was very hot and I was pouring sweat all day, but at least I have seen something in the city besides the shopping areas:)

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