Wednesday, June 27, 2007

36 Hours of Travel Completed

I left Phitsanulok, Thailand on Tuesday at 11:30pm. I took a bus back to Udon Thani, where I first landed in Thailand. The bus traveled back through Dansai, where the festival was held, and an awesome feeling came over me as I was reminded of the great time I had over the past few days in Thailand. The bus rumbled through the streets where just two days earlier were filled with people dancing, eating, drinking, and parading in colorful costumes. It was night time, but the moon allowed me to see the hills as we moved out of town. The remainder of the night included varies stops in small towns, which all looked the same to me. People got off and people got on and five minutes later we were moving again. By 5:30 am I had reached Udon and I headed out to the airport.

I took a flight to Singapore and headed out into town with a the same guy I met on the way to Udon Thani the week before. He took me to the downtown area filled with skyscrapers and colonial style government buildings separated by the Singapore River. We had lunch and departed ways. I spent the next hour walking around the area snapping photos.

My next flight dropped me off in southern China at 11pm. Shortly, afterwards I was informed that I was going to be kicked out of the airport, since it was closing. I was planning on waiting in the airport for my 8 am flight, but they said it could not be done. So, I got a taxi to take me to a local hotel. I slept about six hours, showered, and headed back to the airport. This morning I arrived in Wuxi, went home to put my things down, and came into work before noon.

Shenzhen, Singapore, and more
I have so much to say about the past weekend in Thailand. It was amazing to say the least. I am going to put together a video of some sort rather than trying to write out what I saw and experienced. Until then, click on the pic above to see some of Shenzhen (a city in southern China that I went sightseeing at before Thailand) and a little sneak peak at the festival. Enjoy!!

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