Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Street Food

I recently got the opportunity to write an article for the local expat magazine, called Wuxi Life. It was about my experience going to Chicken Street in Wuxi. Chicken Street serves street food. What is street food? It is simply food that is sold on the street. But on this street, I would call it "gourmet street food". Why? Because we sat at a table, the selection was large, and nothing was pre-cooked. It is easier to describe with pictures.

This is the selection of food. Lots of skewers!

Then your food is cooked on a long grill.

The best part! Eating the food. Yummy green peppers.

Chicken Street is busiest from 12am - 2am. However while I was there between 8-9pm, I saw three gals with a case of half-liter bottles of beer sitting at a table eating. They had a long night ahead of them.

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