Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Monday morning I traveled down to Shenzhen. It was a two hour flight from the smallest airport I have flown out of, expect for my Uncle's airport in Arkansas for his crop dusting business. However, as usual, the service was great! I got served drinks twice and breakfast...all on a 2-hr flight. Didn't the US airlines offer service like this at one time or another?

I sat next to a cute Chinese girl and soon found out that she spoke great English. She works for Panasonic and travels to Shenzhen and other parts of the World regularly. When we landed, her driver took me to my hotel after dropping her off at work. That afternoon I did some work, which worked out great since it was raining the whole time. As night came I could not stay inside any longer and I headed out to go exploring. Shenzhen is an economic free trade zone. This makes for some awesome shopping! The video below does not do it justice, but is one of hundreds of streets to walk down. There is hardly a thing on the planet that is not offered here. Check it out...

The next day I planned to head to Hong Kong. I got up and it was still raining. I was reminded of my time in Vienna when it rained for a couple of days. So, I shrugged my shoulders and headed out. I thought I knew where the metro was located. I quickly found out that "Subway" in Shenzhen means a route under ground that will get you to the other side of the street, not to a train. So, I just kept walking. After thirty minutes of walking in the rain I found the station. I hopped on and went to the last stop. I exited and began going toward the border, but then did a quick 180 when I realized that I forgot my passport. Oops.

I was a bit more efficient getting back to the hotel and returning to the border. Although I did find a man standing in my room when I returned to the hotel. He was a hotel employee and was watching my TV. He was embarrassed that I "caught" him and he quickly exited. Funny stuff!

I got to Hong Kong and had a lovely ride from the border to the island. It was full of mountain with clouds hanging low all about them. I arrived and went straight for the water front. It was perfect timing; the rain stopped! I proceeded to see all I could in my short visit. Hong Kong is an incredible shopping city too. They even stock shoes in my size. Please check out the pics, videos, and my previous post to see and hear more about what I did.

This weekend will be another exciting one as I check out a party in Shanghai, possibly a band, some poker, some softball, and more.

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