Monday, May 28, 2007

Shanghai Shopping

This past week has been one full of shopping. I was able to find a bike and went on my first big ride yesterday. I love the feeling in my legs that I have right now. I am looking forward to "really" start a lot of exploring now, that I have been unable to easily do with wheels.

Also, I went to Shanghai this weekend and Shaun and I checked out some of the markets. Shanghai offers lots of different markets depending on what you are looking to buy. The markets are spread out all over town, which means there is no "one-stop" shopping. At the markets you can find anything from any famous designer you want. If you don't see it, then you can go to the tailor, jeweler, or owner and have it custom made or ordered. Make sure you bargain hard, since they will try to rip off the foreigners. I talked down a lady from 1125 Yuan to 175 Yuan, so I only paid 15% of the price. Usually you pay about a third and no more than one-half.

If you didn't notice, I updated the look of my blog. I think it is a bit easier on the eyes.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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  1. Cool. Nice new look. Thanks for clueing me in via the blog. I usually read it with a newsreader so I don't see the fancy dressing.

    I like the sidebar with the flags too. Great touch. I've been enjoying the vids by the way. Keep it up!!

    Hope all is well man.