Monday, May 28, 2007

Chuck Shepherd, eat your heart out

Local news in China is often filled with odd stories. A lot of has to do with fake/tainted goods and the affects of all the building projects. Today I will share some of these headlines and stories to give you an idea of what one day's worth of headlines may bring.

First, there is the lady who has been kept underground in a small hole for the past six years. She was put in there pregnant and her daughter never met her until just the other day. Read the article here.

This article pertains to the concern for safety in China. Excerpt below:

"Face-lift after 'health check' on Xupu Bridge"
Xupu Bridge's 240 suspension cables are to have a large-scale renovation to make the bridge safer and more beautiful prior to the opening of World Expo 2010, the Shanghai Engineering Administrative Bureau has said. If no Expo, safety not an issue. (Italics added for emphasis.)

Funny stuff.

And finally, not to scare you too much..."Frozen fish from China recalled as two in Chicago fall ill"

"The list of potentially deadly products reaching the United States from China continued to grow Thursday, as an importer recalled frozen fish that may be tainted with a lethal toxin ..."

Please don't worry about me, I don't eat Chinese exports in Wuxi!

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