Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bike to Work Day

I hope you woke up this morning and decided to take your bike out and ride it to your job. Why? Because today is Bike to Work Day! Many cities around the US have organized events today, usually with free schwag to give away. I will admit that I walked to work today, since I have not gotten a bike in China yet.

If you didn't bike to work today, that is ok. Just try to make a conscious decision today to save energy or reduce waste, since that is what this day is about...Awareness!

China stuff...
This past week in China has been great, as all the past weeks here have been. Monday was spent recovering from the weekend's soreness. Tuesday I went to dinner with some local foreigners to a place they call "Chicken Street." This street was lined with people selling things on skewers. I picked out few different meats, some lotus root, potatoes, bread, greens, and a green pepper. I asked for it "hot". They brought everyones food together in one big tray. I ate chicken feet pads, some kind of tongue with soft bone separating each piece, and washed it all down with some cold brew. I will definitely be back there soon.

The rest of the week I have had lunches with my co-workers and I even attempted to cook last night. However, my plug-in stove would not work. So, the cooking will have to wait till that gets sorted out.

Shaun is coming to town. We are planning on doing a little sightseeing near my town and go to a BBQ. Next week I am off to Shenzhen in southern China. I will get to spend a day in Hong Kong too!

P.S. Seth and everyone at his bachelor party this weekend...have a great time! I am sorry I am missing this event. See you all in August!!

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