Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Big Buddha and BBQ

To catch up on a few things, I wanted to post some pics from Shaun's visit this past weekend. Shaun and I had some great food, got some local sight seeing accomplished, and attended a BBQ with a bunch of local-foreigners.

Liangshan and Wuxi Life BBQ

I have been traveling a bit since arriving in China and have not taken the time to explore my own time. Shaun and I went to Liangshan to see the tallest, standing Buddha. He stands about 300 feet tall. We walked around the area for a couple of hours exploring a museum, the beautifully landscaped grounds, and the view of the lake from the top.

That night we went to a BBQ hosted by the local expat organization, Wuxi Life. It was good food and great company. Before Shaun returned to Shanghai we got in a little bit of shopping. This marked to first day I tried to find shoes that fit me.

So, in China you may feel like a freak of nature at times. After trying a half dozen places in Wuxi, then several more in Shenzhen on Monday, I could not find anyone stocking a shoe bigger than a 44 (US9-10). Also, I wear large or extra large shirts here and everyone touting stuff on the streets seems to think I want a sex DVD. If my ego wasn't so big, I might feel a bit self conscious about all this. I wonder what did Yao Ming do before he made it big in the NBA? Or how many foreigners are really buying sex DVDs?

Next update will be my visit to Shenzhen and Hong Kong this week!

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