Monday, April 09, 2007

Prague to present

We arrived in Prague and made our way to our hostel in the middle of the city. We checked in and decided that we didn't really like it. So, we searched for another hostel and booked it for the next night.

After that problem was solved we headed out to explore the town and watch the sunset over the Charles Bridge. We heard music and had a "real" Budweiser! Budvar Budweiser has been around much longer than the Budweiser in the US, if you didn't know this. They have gone through lots of legal stuff and basically they have a truce. I saw no US Budweiser in Czech.

We walked through the night visiting bars. The next morning we headed to Prague's Jewish quarter. We saw five synagogues and a cemetery. They were old and beautiful. It was interesting to see how they clustered together all within a few blocks, but they all prospered in their "heyday". That night we went to the opera, Rigoletto. It was in a old famous opera house in the heart of town. The place was beautiful and the opera was powerful.

At the new hostel, we met some great people and had some awesome food. At night we headed to a nearby club. Everything was metal! The whole place was really interesting to look at. However the music wasn't that great. Luckily we had drank enough at the hostel that we could dance to it anyway.

Our last day in Prague was spent checking out the castle and walking through some squares that are scattered throughout the town. I really enjoyed Prague. The people, food, and atmosphere makes it a great place for young people.

Early the next morning we almost missed our plane to Amsterdam. It was a mess. However, we made it in the nick of time and landed in Amsterdam an hour or so later. We met Tonisha at the airport and headed into town. Later in the day we met JR, & Steve and Ashley Krusinski from my IMBA class. They are studying in Spain and met us there.

We rented bikes and rode through the flower market, saw the Van Gogh museum, and the Heineken Brewery. At night we strolled through the Red Light District and ate some great food.

If you haven't is a common theme around Europe. I love the food here!

As Amsterdam was coming to an end, reality was setting in. I knew I was heading to Dublin where I would meet my class. I also knew there was work that needed to be done.

Saturday night Tonisha, Shaun and I went to Dublin. We arrived at our hotel to learn that there was no rooms available anywhere in town. We could not find any classmates and where starting to sweat a little bit about where we would spend the night.

Being in Ireland, the luck of the Irish kicked in and our school advisor and one of our classmates appeared. We quickly decided that we were going to sleep in their rooms. Thank you Matt, Gavin, and Cynthia!

The next day our class started to show up throughout the day. A few of us went to the Guiness brewery and got a great view of the city and had a couple of pints.

The last few days have been a blur with my class. Our schedule has kept us moving all day and then the night life in Dublin always provided something to do. One night I went to Sedar for Passover. There were over 150 people there. It was the biggest one I had ever been too and a ton of fun. Another night I saw a play by Sam Shepherd called, Kicking a Dead Horse at the Abbey Theater. It was pretty good.

During the day in Ireland we have visited business and government entities. Lots of cool, fun, and informative are presented to us. We have toured the Parliament building, Intel's chip making facility, CRH's rock quarry, cement, and block making facilities, and Kilbeggen's distilerry to name a few.

Now I am in Porto, Portugal. This place is laid back and very reasonably priced. It is right on the ocean and just a beautiful place. The weather is quite nice too.

So far I have walked and run around the city.

That was a long update. Thanks for reading. New pics are on the way!

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