Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Portugal and Madrid

So, I have made it to Wuxi, met everyone at the office, found an apartment, and gotten a telephone number. I still need to get a bunch of items for my apartment and get the Internet hooked up. Otherwise I am set to go!

I am watching the sunset here and it is quite amazing to see the haze that is created throughout the day. It is from the cars, construction, and factories. If I go running in the city it will be early in the morning or in a gym.

My new office and the people that work are great. I know I will have a good time working here. Tonight I am going to do a little shopping for some basic items, but first it is dinner with the boss and his wife. I have been eating the best Chinese food I have ever tested. I have not had anything weird yet or at least I didn't know it if I did. However, I have seen some things on the street and in windows that will require me to become brave and go check out.

The pictures up above are from Madrid. I have some other videos from Europe that I will post when I have my own connection.

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