Friday, April 13, 2007

Last day in Porto

BA bottlers in Porto and Sogrape

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I am sure that you come to this blog occasionally asking yourself, "What is David and his class up too?" Well, today I will try to tell you what a typical day is like while traveling with my fellow IMBAers.

First, I wake up. Imagine that! Then it is off to breakfast or the shower depending on whether Shaun beats me to the shower. After we are freshened up and full of food, the class gets on the bus and heads off to the first stop of the day. In Porto, the people are very welcoming and they always provide us with coffee and food whenever we arrive. This is welcomed by me since I need something to keep me awake during the presentations and I am always ready for food.

After the presentation, we have a Q&A session and often we get a tour of the facilities. This is always a special treat. Today we wore suits to go inside the "clean room" of a chip maker. Now I know how the DRAM inside our computers, machines, and cell phones is made. It is quite cool to see. We all looked like Umpa Loompas in our white suits and hairnets.

After the tour we were rushed off to a glass bottle maker. This company makes 2.5 million bottles per day. We got a brief presentation and were treated to a beautiful and tasty lunch. Then we got a plant tour where we saw Sprite and wine bottles being made.

After the tour we went down the road to a wine maker. They sell about 25 million liters per year. This company is a blip on the market if you look at Mondavi or Gallo wines, but they are the number one seller of Port wine which gives them some sort of bragging rights. Once again we got a presentation, Q&A, and then a tour.

This marks the end of the "official" day for my class. However, it really doesn't stop there. After we arrive back at the hotel we have a couple of hours to prepare to go to dinner with local MBA students from a school we had lunch at two days ago.

If all that sounds is! But it is a ton of fun too. I hope you enjoyed reading about my day as much as I did living it!!

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