Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bull Fight and more

I pieced together some clips from the bull fight I went to go see in Madrid with my fellow Global Trackers. There were six bull fights in total, so if the bull changes from clip to clip you will know why. If you don't want to see the bull get hurt, then don't watch this video.

I found out that the taxi drivers were not being mean to me. They are not supposed to pick up passengers where they drop off passengers. I was supposed to go to another area. This is all part of China's wonderful efficiency:) I would say that for all the hype the news portrays about China taking over the world with its huge has a long way to go. However, it is not as far behind as Europe, so that says something:)

Last night I went out to eat at a place my boss took me on my first or second night in town. It is across the street and really good. They have a nice picture menu, so it is easy to order. However, I needed something to drink and that was a bit more dificult. I ended up eating a meat that sliced very thin, but did not look like anything I have had before. Who knows! Then I had a bowl of rice with a sticky sauce and some other meat in it. This meat had bones on it. When I ordered I did not realize the rice had a sauce or meat in it. They were both very good. As for the drink I just pointed at some line on the menu and I ended up with a warm beer. People in China do not really drink cold drinks. When you ask for water it comes hot, like it is ready for tea. Even the juice comes to the table at room temperature. I was told that the younger generation likes more items served cold. However, I believe that the older generation is not really used to refrigerators and has not "warmed" up to the idea of a cold beverage. Or perhaps it is something else. I can't eat here all the time, since it is a bit expensive. My meal was $6. In comparison, most of my meals have been about a dollar or two anywhere else.

One thing I am learning to deal with is the service level in China. It is off the charts! Everywhere you go there is more than enough people trying to help you. If you are in the supermarket there are people just standing around, waiting for the opportunity to come over and help you pick up something, select something, or give you information about it. At any restaurant there is always someone within a table or two reach to get you whatever you may want. When labor is cheap and lots of people need jobs, this is what you get. However, when you want to shop and not be disturbed...this is not the country to be in.

I am off to Shanghai tomorrow for work. I am traveling with the boss and his wife. We are being picked up and driven there in the morning, since all the tickets on the train were booked. It is about a two hour car drive. Should be interesting to see what the expressways look like.

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