Saturday, March 24, 2007

Schnitzel & Guggenhiemer...aka Shaun and I

Today we are touring Vienna. Not sure exactly what we are going to see, but I can tell you later about that. I do know that I will be eating some Schnitzels and Brats, trying the coffee and deserts too. Italy was so much fun. A whole week there!

A few highlights of Italy...
First, my favorite city was Florence. It was a chill town with lots of stuff to do. I loved Michaelangelo's David the best. We met some nice people there to hang out with and of course ate great food.

We drove from Venice to Rome, which brought lots of adventures. We got to stop at a winery and try some excellent wine. Pisa only has the Leaning Tower and that is really all there is to see.

To compensate for the added cost of the car, we decided to sleep in the car. The first night was cold, but we just started the car occasionally to warm ourselves up. We slept on the Mediterranean, so the sound and views in the morning were spectacular. However, we learned that you should not make U-turns in Rome. Actually maybe you can in some places, but at one intersection we were at, the police did not like this. I don't know what sign on the road means "no U-turn". Anyway, we are tourists and not worth the hassle, so they told us to pay more attention.

Secondly, when sleeping in your car in Rome do not turn on the car at night to warm yourself up, because this draws attention to you. After telling the police that we just arrived in town and need to return the car around the corner at 8am, they laughed a little at us all bundled up and freezing in the car and then left us alone. Once again it is good to be a tourist!

Finally, after seeing Italy and the Vatican City, I am all churched out. I have seen enough for the entire rest of the year!

In a week, I will be back with my class. I am excited to see some familiar faces and experience a part of Europe with them.

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