Sunday, March 18, 2007

Europe so far...

I left last Monday morning from AL and the fun, excitement, and exhaustion are never ending. I flew Paris, via Dublin which has an awesome airport, and was greeted by a fellow IMBAer. Nanda took care of us our whole visit! Check out the pics I just uploaded...

Europe Trip 1

While I was there I got to see the Louvre, D'Orley Museum, Napolean's tomb, and tons of stuff I will have to describe later when I have time. The night was spent hanging with our friends, while I tried to figure the purpose of having door knobs in the middle of the door and not on the side. We saw the Eiffel Tower at night, drank 2 Euro wine bottles (or less), and had some awesome food.

There was a lot left to see in Paris, when Shaun I headed to Venice. I will defintely put that on a list of places to return. We arrived in Venice just in time to have dinner, before the last bus left to return to our place. It was my first experience with pasta in Italy. They know how to do it right!

Yesterday was spent seeing St. Marks Square, The Guggenhiem, and walking/riding boats through the city. The maze of streets and narrow alleys was something to experience.

Shaun and I decided to rent a car for our journey through Italy aftering looking at the costs of trains. So, we got our car and headed to Florence today. The city driving is quite fun and challenging. So many cars, lanes, and round-a-bouts. I love it!! The countryside of Italy is beautiful...mountains, farm land, and lots of green everywhere. We made our way to our hostel for the evening and had time to see Michaelangelo's David. It is huge! The detail of the statue is stunning. I also got some of the famous ice cream around here. It is very good, but I would take the ice cream from Wisconsin that the HBC group got to eat in 2005 any day of the week.

Tomorrow we will spend the day in Florence and then head out to Pisa and then Rome. Tell then...


  1. Very cool man. Nice to see that you are getting to see everyone on your travels. I wish I could have met up with the Europe folks before I left. You and Shaun are both doing it up right. Keep on sending along the stories and pictures.

  2. yay!!! i made it in the blog!! i'm famous! :-)