Saturday, January 06, 2007

Two days till school...

I have had an amazing break! I have traveled quite a few miles, seen some wonderful friends, saw a band in CO, and still managed to get my work done for the upcoming semester. It is breaks like these that make me love school.

Some other great news is that I had a phone interview with a company in China. The company is named Colite. They make and install signs. I am expecting to hear something within the next couple of weeks. I have my fingers crossed, but I am expecting good things. The company is located in Wuxi, China, which is a suburb of Shanghai.

The next eight weeks will be spent learning about China, Japan, Africa, and India. These classes should be fun and interesting. I am also taking a business strategy class. I have only skimmed the syllabus, but it reminds me of my Capstone course I took at CU.

For now I will enjoy my last day of freedom tomorrow. And "hello" to all my friends who are now abroad. I hope to see many of you in March while I am traveling around Europe!

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