Monday, January 15, 2007

Internship? Checked that one off

I had forgotten how pleasant the winters are in the southern US. I have been repeatedly exposed to several 70+ degree days, with more to come. I love it!

The best news I received last week was that I got my internship! I have secured a job with Colite Int'l, LTD in Wuxi, China. Wuxi (pronounced woo-she) is located forty five minutes north west of Shanghai. I have not found out what all the parameters of my job will be, but it will include a bit of travel.

Also, I uploaded a few photos from this past semester to my Kodak account this morning. I did not take that many pictures these past few months, since there were so many other people doing it. Funny how that works.

My classes are in full swing. After one week, I have three papers and a couple of decisions (explained later) to turn in this week. My Friday class will not be meeting during the normal class times, which gives me a three day weekend every week. Awesome! For that class, we are playing an online business simulation game. My team is going up against the other five teams in my class. I have played a similar, but much less complicated game, in undergrad. It will be a lot of fun and a lot of work. My roommate and I spent several hours last night reading and making decisions for our first practice round.

Saturday I ran into Atlanta and caught a friends band, Esque, playing. I lucked out that the venue was two blocks from where I was staying. It is always fun to see your friends pursuing their dreams and having a great time doing it.

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