Sunday, January 28, 2007

IMBAers are still partying in Columbia

This is a little video of a get together at Shaun's and my house this weekend. It was a great time! Below are a couple of more pictures from the night.

The dip would not stop looking at me. Make it stop!!
The dip surrounded by strawberries was amazing and must become a staple at all future events. It is the closest thing to skittles I have tasted without actually eating skittles.

Sling'n dice with intensity!

I have been on a roll this week...literally. I got to bike three days in a row! However, today my legs are telling me that they have had enough, so there will not be a fourth day. I love that good burning feeling I get whenever I move. It makes me feel like I must have been doing something fun.

Last night I went and checked out a band down in the Vista. They are called Plain Jane. They are a cover band. They were a good time and the place was packed. They played some Journey, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Brown, Maroon 5, and whole bunch of stuff in between.


  1. Nice. Sorry I missed the party, was up north for the weekend. I'll make sure to hit the next one. Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Hey.. Nice party..good that u guys are hanging out together having fun.. cool.. missing you all here in mexico.. I wish I was there for the party.. cooking some spicy indian food. Keep bloggin Dave..I am sure u are going to post awesome pictures frome europe.. I can't wait to see them