Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hockey & Stuff

Yesterday my roommate and I went to go see the Columbia Inferno. This is Columbia's "shining" hockey team. (say that last line with sarcasm) When we left at the end of the second period the Inferno were losing 3-1. Oh well. It was free and we had some good company.
I finally got my December/New Year's/Back to School pics off my camera.
So here are a few...

These were taken in Atlanta. We had a great time at Sophie's bat mitzvah. My mom and Diane (one of my sister's) were dancing it up to some great tunes provided by the rocking band. On the cousins, Stephen and Emily, would not stop trying to tickle me during the picture...they thought it was "really" funny, but after the picture was was payback time!

This was while I was in Colorado over winter break. I lived with that guy for two years! I have never lived with someone so long except for my family.
The cute kiddo is Katrina. She is Joel's niece. She wanted to make a snow man soooo bad, but the snow was too light and fluffy to stick together. So we made a snow ant. You could probably call it a lot of things, but that is what she thought it looked like and it worked for us.

This is Tony and his dog. He is a big ball of fun and a big kisser....the dog is...not Tony.

Actually, if you don't know Tony, he is quite crazy! Or maybe just dedicated. Tony is always climbing mountains throughout the year, mountain biking down insane trails, and taking the biggest jumps at the terrain parks on his snowboard. He is often out of commission, since the jumps and biking often leave him hurt for weeks. However, as soon as he able he is back out there doing it again.

Floco (which means "tiny" if I spelled it right) comes from a long line of great pit bulls. He is still only a pup, but should have no problem attracting the ladies with a smile like that.

Lastly, during the first week of classes my dad came into town. This gave me the opportunity to share the wonderful world of "shaved ice" with many of my classmates. It was a great treat after our classes. Everyone could tell right away that this was my dad. The resemblance is hard to dispute.

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