Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It Is Good to Be Back

Lately I have been thinking that I should pinch myself to make sure that "this" is real. Usually I tell myself not too, since if it is a dream, why would I want to wake up.

School finished and my class started to spread out across the world after a short celebration. I took off to TN and AL to see my family and friends. I ran into several people that I don't see often, some I had not seen since high school. One friend had gotten engaged that evening! It is always great to see and hear about what others are up to in their lives.

After eight days in the South, which ended with a surprise birthday party for my mom, I headed back to Columbia, SC. I drove nine hours, did three loads of laundry, ate some Chinese food, slept for four and a half hours, and then caught a plane to Denver, CO. Now I am sitting in paradise surrounded by snow.

Last night's dinner was a feast with about a dozen of us chowing down, drinking, and then finding room for dessert. After we rested up from eating a nice dip in the hot tub finished off the evening. Now I have an incredible ten days of CO in front of me!

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  1. Hey man, I hope you enjoyed CO. Didn't see snow once since I've been away.