Friday, November 10, 2006

Five Weeks and Four Classes

As of today, there is five weeks left in my fall semester. What a relief! While I am loving what I am doing, I am getting excited about leaving the country for a while next year. My fellow Global Trackers just received our itenarary. We will start with a week in Dublin, Ireland, starting in April. Then to Porto, Portugal and finally ending up in Madrid, Spain. I am going to do a bit of traveling in Europe before April with my roommate. It should be blast and great jumping off point for my internship in China, that follows. You may ask what internship? That I don't know, but I will have one before I get there!

I was excited to see the election results. America has given me hope. Also, I hope that the rest of the world sees that America may take a while to wise up about the problems in our country, but we will correct ourselves eventually. Since our international relations are at a low point, I believe they can only get better with a change in the government. I am intersted to learn from people in the countries I will be visiting next year, what they think of the recent change.

Last night my class had dinner at an Indian restarunt. About 100 people attended and one of our professors gave a quick history of the celebration of Diwali. I learned that Diwali is considered the "festival of lights", just like Hanukah! Pretty cool. The pick up top is a sampling of the food we got to eat.

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