Friday, November 24, 2006

Chillin in AL

Thanksgiving this year was great! I had all the essential foods...turkey, dressing, etc. I always enjoy coming to AL. It is very quiet and peaceful were my parents live. Their house looks out over a barren field, which is occasionally planted with crops. Today I got to see the sun rise over the horizon of the field.

I was up early to go shopping. I have never been shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. I have always watched on the TV the long lines and "crazy" people that have been waiting in line since four in the morning. I can now report firsthand that there are lines outside the doors and lines of people 30 deep waiting for the registers. All I could think is that marketers have a done a great job in promoting this shopping day. The stores I walked in were not in chaos and the entire shopping process, including drive time, was done in just over an hour.

Tomorrow I am heading to Atlanta to SCI one more time. This will probably be my last show with them, since they are reportedly breaking up next summer after one of the band members leaves. I have seen them at least 30+ times, so I can only say, "thanks for all the wonderful times."

Three more weeks of school and I am free!!!

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