Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pfizer Visits USC

I attended an information session with Pfizer tonight. Their were people from there Internal Auditing (IA) division. I have no interest in IA, but I went for the experience. As a bonus, I got some food and gift bag. The bag had all kinds of great Pfizer consumer products, that will soon be sold off (I think before the end of the year).

Tomorrow I will be seeing a session with ExxonMobil. I have some friends in Boulder, CO that would probably ask me to stand outside of the school and protest that ExxonMobil is even setting foot on the campus. However, it should be an interesting session and I will get fed again.

My entrepreneurship class ended today and next week I will be finishing up Leadership. At that point I will only have four classes! What a relief. In fact, I will finish up a third class before the end of the month and I won't be starting any new ones till the end of October. We have a pretty hefty exam schedule in October and a couple of long weekends. All in all, October should be a bit more relaxing, aside from all the organizations, sessions, internship searching and interviewing, and all the other extracurriculars.

So, in less than five days I will be participating in my first triathlon and I can't be more excited. Tomorrow morning is my last "real" workout before the race. Friday I won't train at all and then just a few minutes on Saturday to loosen everything up. Wish me luck!

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  1. All the best for your Triathlon!!!
    You are the man....