Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On My Way to China

Today was exciting. I have been heavily involved in my operations management class. My group turned in its project today, I had a class in operations today, and I had an information session with three members of the supply chain/operations field. They were from Sonoco, Michelin, and Pfizer.

So, after all this I went and met with my internship advisor. She made it seem quite easy to obtain an internship in China. I will be working with an agency in China that will help me find the internship, a place to live, obtain my visa, give me a cell phone, and lots of other benefits, such as 24 hours service line in case I get loss (since I don't know the language). Pretty cool.

I don't expect all this to happen overnight, but hopefully I will have all the details worked out before the semester is finished.

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