Thursday, September 14, 2006

ExxonMobil Will Survive

ExxonMobile will survive without me. I missed their information session this evening, since I got the time wrong. 5:30 is not the same as 7:00. I will have to remember that.

Tomorrow I will get to shake hands with about 30 or so corporate people from the Columbia area. The school has organized a dinner for us to practice our etiquette and social skills. The evening should be fun and funny. Fun for the the free dinner and socializing. Funny for all the mistakes we get to make and talk about later.

I got to play a game today called BAFA, BAFA. It is a game to teach cross-cultural differences and cultures. I was an alpha, so I got to touch and stand very close to people, smile and laugh, shuffle cards for no reason, and talk about men and sports. That is about it. The Betas were "rude" people who butted into conversations, couldn't speak except for a very simple language, and were basically a very capatalistic group of people. It was pretty funny for the first thirty minutes. It was starting to get old towards the end. Perhaps the visiting groups should have been bigger to make the game go faster. Anyway, I was tired afterwards, so I came home and napped. That is why I love school.

So, I got two more days! Carbo-load time!!

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