Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pools, Beaches, and Biking

What a weekend I have had! After a tough week at school, I got the chance to forget it all at a pool party, which started Friday afternoon. And as much time as I spend in class with everyone in my program, I still enjoy hanging out with everybody outside of class (even more so, since we aren't in a school environment). I spent a few hours sipping on beer and margaritas and chatting it up with everyone. I was sufficiently pruned when I left to go to services at the local reform synagogue.

the synagogue was small, but nice. I enjoyed the younger rabbi, but the melody of the tunes dragged on a little. The rabbi is new, so this may change as he officially takes over next week. I was eagerly welcomed by several of the congregants. They introduced themselves and asked lots of questions. I even met a couple who lives five houses down from me. I might be house-sitting soon, according to them. I still want to check out the conservative synagogue, to get a comparison.

Yesterday was once again spent trying to ignore the fact that I was in school and had responsibilities. Several people from my program and myself took off to Charleston to hit the beach and do some exploring. I had never been there and was eager to check it out.

The day was spent at the beach (see pics below) and then we headed into town to see the market and have dinner. The water was warm and lots of cute girls walking around. I am sure there were some cute guys, but somehow I missed them. The town of Charleston reminded me of New Orleans's French Quarter. The market was set up the same and the old buildings had the familiar historic european charm. However, there were no women in doorways trying to lure us in, there wasn't music flowing out into the streets from all the bars, and no one was walking around with a drink in there hand. Instead, the town had lots of nice restaurants, art galleries, and a lovely water front at Battery Park.

On the way back, about a few dozen miles from Columbia, I started getting that feeling that I was headed back to the "real" life. The life of school and homework. This is the life that I love much more than work life, but just like in the work life, it is wonderful to escape from it now and again.

So, today I woke up and went biking for about forty miles and then ran for two and a half. I really was hurting on the transition from bike to run today. I ended up walking the last few tenths of a mile because I got a cramp in my thigh. I guess I still some hydration learning to do. After a 2 quart pitcher of cool water, my roommate and I did some laundry and reading. Now, I have to finish my work for the week.

The group pic has Lee, Lourdes, and Natalie in it. Then the other pic is of Hawaii Chris. This man can swim in the ocean!

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  1. This is the first I've seen of the beach pics. I had a good time getting away to Charleston for a day.