Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It Just Keeps On Coming

The IMBA program at USC is gearing up for the fall. I started a new class this week and have gotten a sneak peek at some upcoming classes. Needless to say we have only cracked the surface. My newest class should be a blast. It is covering entrepreneurship. I love it and have already had a small taste of it, so I am looking forward to learning just about anything I can from this class. The group project for this class involves making a realistic business plan for a product/service of our choice. My ideas have been swirling in my head with thoughts for the project. I will let you know what my group decides for a product.

To a more sobering thought, my Leadership and Ethics class which starts soon, has just put out the first set of materials. The grading system is tough. My peers will be deciding every class how I performed during the class. This means that if I do not make an insightful comment or repeat an idea that has already been stated, then I will not score well for the day. In addition, a quiz will be taken in every class concerning the previous class discussion. Thank goodness I am a talker. Now I just have to learn how to say something meaningful, instead of spouting off a bunch of bull.

For those people in classes that don't like to address the class, I suggest a daily dose of Paxil or Valium to ease your anxiety.

Any good business ideas? Post them in the comments!

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