Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Did A "Floyd Landis" Today

I still haven't quite figured out why I have more energy one day versus another. I know it is a combination of rest, hydration, calorie intake, and several other factors which I try to be mindful of. So, whatever the factors where today, I had it! I woke up full of energy and hit my bike hard for 12 minutes, then I ran for a mile, then back to the bike. I did these brick exercises three times, before I had to stop and clean up to go to class. But that was just the beginning...

I went to the pool this afternoon. I could feel that my legs were tired, but my arms were fresh, since I had not swam in several days. I started swimming and just kept on going. Before I knew it, I had completed 1200 meters. That is 300 meters more than I have ever done previously. And thanks to some encouragement and motivation from my swim coach, you know who you are, I made it to the 1500 meter mark, So, I did the impossible to day, just like Landis. Of course many people swim 1500 meters everyday and only one person wins The Tour every year, but if you stretch it far enough the comparison is there.

Now I just have to keep this up for about five more weeks, then it is milkshakes from Zesto's, bacon cheeseburgers from Wendy's, and lots of Dr. Pepper from then on out...or at least until I find another challenge.

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